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AV Trip

The internet is a great tool that has revolutionised many an industry including real estate. Where once you were dependent upon stepping into an estate agency, paging through property brochures and viewing in person, much of that initial 'groundwork' is now done online.

In other words, it is now possible to research what is available within your interest and budget range within areas both local and abroad. You can take as much or as little time on this as you like, either studying a market and its properties, prices, amenities and areas intensively, or tracking such details and trends over a longer period of time.

In the process, most prospective buyers will create a shortlist of properties that have caught their eye, and will usually request information from the agent on whose site they saw it. In this way a relationship begins in which the client requests information from the agent whilst offering them a brief of the areas, property types, lifestyle objectives, amenities and price they are interested in.

As useful as this remote form of progress is, there are still very few property buyers who will make the decision to purchase a property without having seen it – much less so when that property happens to be abroad. For all but the most experienced homebuyers and investors, therefore, a personal orientation visit and viewing of the short-listed properties remains a vital part of the process.

Altavista's AV Trip

Our AV Trips are designed to achieve this in a manner that is as easy, cost-effective and time-efficient for you as possible.

For this reason we offer 1-3 day AV Trips to view the properties you are interested with Altavista Property agents who are on hand not only to make the appointments and show you the properties, but also to provide detailed information about the homes and answer any questions you may have about buying, investing and living in Marbella.

Naturally there is no obligation whatsoever to buy. In fact, the only difference with arranging your own trip is that we will take a lot of the organisational hassle away from you and typically save our clients time and money.

Once your flights are booked we will be happy to arrange your accommodation at reduced corporate rates in some of the best business hotels in Marbella, as well as collecting you from the airport. Once you’re settled, we will arrange to view the properties you are interested in and we’re happy to provide mortgage and legal advice free of charge. Should you find the property you’re looking for while here we can introduce you to banks and law firms as needed, and ensure the process is efficient, easy and enjoyable.

Please get in touch for more information about our AV Trips.